Mimi Sex Tape Blows Up Twitter, Sparks Shower Rod Hashtag

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News of the Mimi Faust sex tape that hit the web Monday immediately prompted great discussion on Twitter and even a trending hashtag #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan.

As you might have guessed, there is a shower scene and a rather sturdy rod involved in the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star's romp with Nikko Smith.

Seriously. That rod can withstand some intense pressure.

Customarily for the social network, someone started the hashtag #mimishowerrodstrongerthan, with fans filling in the blank at the end of the phrase.

Some of the responses were pretty classic, while plenty more were vulgar and others still made absolutely no sense. Pretty standard for Twitter.

Is the tape a marketing ploy to get people to watch Love & Hip Hop online? Very possible. This amateur porn was clearly not "leaked" by mistake.

In any case, it worked if the goal was to generate buzz. Read some of the thousands of Twitter reactions to Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta below:

  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan Kanye's ego!
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan THOR, SUPERMAN AND THE HULK
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan the power of pine-sol
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan Hugh Hefner's viagra
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan Drakes desire to be a basketball wife
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan the thread holding your weave together
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan whatever's in lil Waynes cup
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan the brick that hit debo
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan Derrick Rose's knees
  • #MimiShowerRodStrongerThan majority of y'all relationships

As you can see in the gallery above, the Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith sex tape is pretty risque, and Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch was all over it.

“From the minute we heard about this tape, we wanted it,” Steve said in a press release. “The authenticity of Mimi and Nikko’s relationship is obvious."

"There’s no mistaking their passion; it’s real.”

Something you can't say about Farrah Abraham, who tried to act like her tape was leaked without her permission and that James Deen was her boyfriend.

No subterfuge, misdirection or scheme here.

Nikko and Mimi are dating and straight up f--king each other for the world to see. If it helps Love & Hip Hop as a result, that's a bonus. If not, at least they got off.

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