Matt Bomer and Simon Halls: Married For Three Years!

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Actor Matt Bomer came out as gay in February of 2012 and in his announcement, he expressed his gratitude to his boyfriend, Simon Halls.

Very few were surprised by Bomer's coming out as he made little effort to hide his relationship with Halls. The revelation Bomer made today, however, was quite unexpected:

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls Photo

Turns out Matt and Simon have been married for three years!

Bomer dropped that bombshell in an interview with Details magazine to promote his upcoming film The Normal Heart.

No word yet on why Bomer downgraded his relationship status when he first came out while giving a speech at a charity event, but we're guessing that it made for an awkward ride home.

Matt and Simon were already raising three kids together at the time (six-year-old twins and an eight-year-old), so it probably wouldn't have blown anyone's mind if Matt flashed a ring, but for whatever reason, the actor held off.

Bomer was an early favorite to play Christian Grey in the sure to be cringe-worthy film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey

He's opted instead for prestige projects such as Heart, for which Bomer went McConaughey-method by dropping 40 pounds to portray an AIDS patient in the early days of the epidemic.

We wish Matt the best of luck come awards season and we'd like to offer out (much) belated congrats on his marriage!

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