Lindsay Lohan Dodges Sex List Questions From Andy Cohen: Is it Actually Legit?!

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When it comes to the legitimacy of the alleged Lindsay Lohan sex list, the actress would neither confirm nor deny its content to Andy Cohen in an interview.

The list of celebrities she banged has been disputed by some (James Franco), but reportedly was authored by LiLo during a night out with friends this winter.

She made reference to it briefly during a visit to Ellen DeGeneres' show, saying she's "heard about" the list but not getting into detail there either.

This week, during a taping of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live (airing tonight), she showed up late and was grilled by Cohen about the alleged list.

All Lindsay would say, interestingly, is that she made lists during her latest rehab stint. No comment on this particular one and whether it's the real deal.

Amazingly, it might be. This is a girl who lies so effortlessly, yet she has failed to deny its existence over the course of two very clear opportunities.

We also wouldn't be surprised if she'd slept with 36 celebrities over the course of her time in the spotlight, because she's the epitome of a wild child.

Unless Lindsay is playing coy and implying that the list is real when in reality it's totally fake, because she thinks it makes her look cool. Or something.

Anyway, we'll have to wait for the interview tonight for more clues. As for rumors that Oprah is canceling her reality show, that wouldn't stun us either.

Let's just say the troubled star is a handful. That's as nicely as we can put it ...


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