Kylie and Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez: Good Riddance, You Toxic Mess!

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Kylie and Kendall Jenner aren't shedding tears over the fact that Selena Gomez cut ties with them, as they believe the singer-actress is the real "toxic" one here.

Selena dumped the Jenners after Coachella, associating them with drugs, alcohol, drama, groupies, fame whoring and basically everything bad about celebrity.

How much of that really exists in Kendall and Kylie Jenner's daily lives? Very much unclear, but Selena feels they are one big distraction from her career.

To Kylie and Kendall, this is nothing short of laughable.

Sources close to the Jenners say that despite her professed good-girl intentions, Selena has it reversed; Kendall and Kylie don't use drugs or alcohol.

Selena, meanwhile, is the drama-obsessed party girl in the house, going to rehab and falling in love/being heartbroken over Justin Bieber constantly.

Of course, there's also the rumor that Bieber cheated with Kylie Jenner ... but that hasn't been proven. What we do know is that at Coachella, it got weird:

Gomez had a "paranoid" meltdown over Justin Bieber, accusing him of hitting on other girls. Those two had a falling out, and the Jenner girls were cut off.

The Jenner sources note that even Justin has blamed his relationship issues with Selena on her drinking problems and denies being a bad infuence as well.

Bottom line, to Kendall and Kylie, it's SMH and move on time.

They don't care one bit that Selena ended their friendship because they know she's full of it and feel like they're better off without her non-stop drama.

Say what you will about their at-times inappropriate behavior, but it sounds like the Jenner teenagers may be the more pulled together ones here ...

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