Kim Novak: Plastic Surgery Jokes Triggered Tailspin

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When Hollywood legend Kim Novak presented at the Academy Awards in February, the iconic actress didn't receive quite the reaction she expected from her rare public appearance.

Jokes and rumors about Novak's plastic surgery and slurred speech were seemingly everywhere on the Internet in the days to follow the Oscars.

Now, the actress is speaking out against the "bullies" and "jabs."

In a lengthy post on her Facebook page, Novak admits to receiving "fat injections" in her face in order to smooth out her skin and blames her speech difficulties on the fact that she had "taken a pill to relax."

"After the Oscars, I was bullied by the press and the public on the Internet and TV," Novak writes. "However, I will no longer hold myself back from speaking out against bullies. We can't let people get away with affecting our lives."

Novak claims the cruel criticism she received triggered a personal "tailspin" and she goes on to specifically call out Donald Trump who tweeted that Kim should "sue her plastic surgeon" during her presentation.

The Donald ragging on other peoples appearances? We're definitely Team Kim on this one. 

She may have not brought her A-game on Oscar night, but Kim is 81! At that age, we can definitely understand the desire to pop a Xanax and visit the plastic surgeon before appearing on TV in front of millions.

Donald has no such excuse for that flattened tabby cat he calls a hairpiece.

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