Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Already Married In Paris?!

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For someone who's most famous for a sex tape and a reality show, Kim Kardashian can be a surprisingly private person at times and she's been super secretive about her upcoming wedding with Kanye West.

First, we heard Kim and Kanye plan to have three weddings, which makes perfect sense as it would not only make them the centers of attention for longer, it might allow for three separate E! network "wedding spectaculars!"

Next came the news that Kim and Kanye will get married this week in secrecy. That story certainly doesn't jibe as well with their notorious egos, but it makes more sense than the next rumor:

Kim and Kanye are already married!

This, according to wild speculation from people who noticed that Kim took a low-key flight to Paris today.

Knowing, as we do, that Paris is one of Kanye's favorite cities (so gangsta) we have to wonder if Kim didn't fly in for some nuptials on the down-low.

She flew solo and doesn't appear to have any business-related reason to head to France.

Kim also booked a hotel, so we know she plans to hang out in the City of Lights for at least a couple days.

Would an engaged woman really take a solo vacation during what may very well be her wedding week?

Maybe...or maybe she just heard there some copies of Vogue in Paris that she hasn't snatched up yet.

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