Kim Jong-Un to One Direction: Get a Haircut!

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In what may be the world's most random celebrity feud, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has set his sights on the lads of One Direction. The cause of his beef? Their world-famous hair.

Kim Jong Un on a Horse!
One Direction Promo Photo

Yes, it's Harry Styles hairstyle that's caught Kim's attention and he's allegedly issued a decree that 1D is forbidden to enter North Korea unless they cut their coifs to look more like everyone's favorite psychopathic world leader.

One Direction, of course, had no plans of performing in North Korea anytime in the near future, but Kimmy apparently just wants them to know who's boss.

Simply because they're the world's biggest boy band, that doesn't mean they're exempt from his nut-job policy requiring all men in North Korea to get the same haircut as the Supreme Leader himself.

It gets better: in order to prove to the world that North Korea's identically-haircutted teen idols are second to none, Kim is reportedly planning an American Idol-style competition to form a pop group of his own.

So watch out, Liam Payne and company - Un Direction is coming for you!

You'll know them by their flawless 'dos.

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