Khloe Kardashian: Denying Lamar Odom, Declining "Desperate" Phone Calls!

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Khloe Kardashian is still technically married to Lamar Odom, but despite recurring rumors of their possible reconciliation, she sure isn't acting like it.

According to a new report, she’s not afraid to hit DECLINE when her estranged husband’s name shows up on her iPhone ... which has been often.

While the couple had been in touch recently to hash out the particulars of their split, there is no fixing what happened, and he's getting the silent treatment.

Odom, insiders say, has been “blowing up her phone” lately with “desperate calls,” and Kardashian, who is trying her best to move on, is far from pleased.

The source reveals, “She’s been refusing to take his calls lately.”

Now that she’s been reportedly dating French Montana on the heels of her public partying with The Game, the source claims Odom is getting jealous.

“Khloe is out in public with new guys all over them and it is killing Lamar,” the insider says, noting the irony of Lamar cheating on her like a madman in 2013.

“Yeah, he was totally with other women [first], but he doesn’t want Khloe to shove it in his face that she is moving on. Lamar is jealous and gets mad when she refuses to talk to him.”

Pretty classic, since she was allegedly taking the idea of rekindling their romance semi-seriously until he started booty calling Liza Morales, his baby mama.

Odom has never been one for consistency, that's for damn sure.

While their split was shown on Keeping up with the Kardashians, the couple have yet to officially divorce; Lamar reportedly blames Khloe for the holdup.

“Lamar has been telling people that they don’t have to waste any more time with each other,” the insider says, adding “He wanted to get back with her."

"He’s been blowing up her phone lately, but since she wants nothing to do with him he’s saying he’s done with her too. He’s making a lot of desperate calls.”

“Lamar and Khloe are done,” the source says, noting that what's done is done at this point. "He tried and she tried but now there’s nothing to go back to.”

Only memories of what was, and what might have been ...

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