Kylie Jenner "Drunk In Love" Dance: Posted to Instagram, Hilarious

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Kylie Jenner is pretty much too young to be drunk or in love, but that didn't stop the attention-starved 16-year-old from dancing to Beyonce's ode to intoxicated romance with some random "friend" and then posting the resulting video online.

Yeah, we're not quite sure what the story there is either, but hey - if you're old enough to post inappropriate bikini photos on the Internet, you're old enough to dance on Instagram. 

As for the dude, Kylie identifies him as her "bestie" and he goes by the handle @thescottycuhna.

Weird choice of a song to groove to with a platonic buddy and that dance looked a little more than "friendly" to us, but if this is the least age-inappropriate thing Kylie does all day, then it's a victory for the Jenner-Kardashian clan.

Just in the past week, Kylie shamed a woman who called her family "slutty" and responded to plastic surgery rumors in a pretty mature fashion.

So it's safe to say she's a bit more adult than most 16-year-olds, but man does she love the spotlight.

So please, take a moment from your day to pay attention to Kylie Jenner. If you don't, there's no telling what kind of bizarre behavior she'll engage in to make herself a trending topic.

Check out some highlights from Kylie's career as professional jail bait in the gallery below. Just don't blame us if you end on some kind of watchlist.

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