Kailyn Lowry Reveals Abortion, Rape, Abuse in Tell-All Book

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Teen Mom 2 fans know all about Kailyn Lowry's alcoholic mother, absentee father, pregnancy at 17, and tumultuous relationship with Jo Rivera.

That's a tough enough upbringing - too tough for most of us to handle, no doubt - but it was even more traumatic than we ever imagined, Lowry reveals.

In her new tell-all, Pride Over Pity, Kailyn Lowry confesses that she lost her virginity to her first boyfriend in eighth grade ... outside on the street:

Kailyn Lowry Book Cover

“The concrete sidewalk had no summer warmth. Suddenly, my pants and underwear were pulled down. Our movements and his touch were unromantic."

"When it was over, I ran home, blood trickling down my leg.”

Now a 22-year-old mother of two, the Teen Mom 2 star says that today, she realizes that back then, she was far too immature for such a big milestone.

“I was too young to understand that I wasn’t ready, physically or emotionally, for sex,” she writes. “I believed then that I had to have sex to keep up with my friends.”

The young Lowry’s sexual experiences only grew scarier.

In ninth grade, she claims, a new boyfriend raped her.

“Toby wouldn’t take no for an answer,” she laments.

“I didn’t want to sleep with [him], but he persisted. Denying him seemed fruitless. I believed Toby loved me, so I decided I could give him this as long as he wore a condom.”

Unfortunately, Toby ignored her one request.

As a result, Lowry took her “first pregnancy test at fifteen in a Walmart bathroom,” she recalls, and it was positive. She wanted to keep it, but her mom refused.

On her 16th birthday, Lowry underwent a physically and emotionally traumatic abortion (her co-star Jenelle Evans has also had the procedure done).

“I swear they didn’t just suck out my uterus,” she explains, looking back. “It felt as though they had taken every fiber of my being…I felt a mother’s grief.”

After becoming pregnant again at 17, Lowry knew she could not endure another abortion. This time, she and Jo Rivera welcomed their son Isaac.

“The experience had been so horrific for me that I couldn’t really bear to consider it as an option again,” she writes. “Once was almost impossible to recover from."

Lowry and Rivera split up, and while found true love after son Isaac’s birth with a new man, Jordan, the couple soon split ... after which she was raped again.

This time, a man named Caleb was responsible for the heinous act, she says in her tell-all book. Lowry claims he showed up one night unannounced.

“He was plastered and insisted he needed to talk to me, so I let him in,” she recalls. “But he had no interest in talking. He pulled me into the bedroom."

He slammed me onto the bed, taking my clothes off roughly. His strength was overpowering. I felt a tear and knew I was bleeding. It felt like I was dead.”

After years of pain and abuse, Lowry now has a happy life: She married Javi Marroquin, a military airman, and recently welcomed their son, Lincoln.

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