Justin Bieber Chills on Yacht, Tries to Look Hard

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Justin Bieber is just so hard, people.

And it's not just because of these 11 tattoos etched all over the singer's body.

It's because he sits on yachts! Without a shirt on! And stares seriously into the camera while posting the image on Instagram!

That's what Bieber did yesterday, at least, making female followers drool by putting the following photo on the Internet:

Justin Bieber on a Yacht

Of course, while we can merely stare at Justin Bieber shirtless, it's becoming more and more evident these days that Selena Gomez is touching the real thing.

The former couple has been spotted out and about on multiple occasions, mostly recently meeting up in Miami for a possibly drunken night of fun.

And who knows what else?!?

Selena must like arrogant douchebags who rub their rich lifestyle in the faces of their fans, huh? Hey, everyone's got a type.

But while we do judge Bieber's life choices these days, we can't judge his physique. The guy looks good when shirtless!

Here are 22 photos that prove it:

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