Jenelle Evans: Pissed at Andrew Lewis For Showing Up at Son's Daycare!

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Jenelle Evans doesn't even have legal custody of her son Jace, but imagine her surprise when absentee dad Andrew Lewis showed up at his daycare.

Even though he’s banned from the center, no less.

Lewis and the Teen Mom 2 star never married and despite being MIA for most of his offspring's life, he has recently been sneaking in secret visits with Jace.

Jenelle Evans is not happy about it.

“He has told people that he has gone four times,” a source said. “They snuck him in once but Andrew’s not on the approved list of visitors so they started turning him away.”

Barbara Evans, Jenelle's mom and Jace's primary caretaker, doesn’t take these visits lightly as her fears for Jace's safety are of paramount concern.

“Babs went over to daycare and took Jace home when she heard Andrew was trying to visit," said an inside source. “Babs takes care of him full time."

"She certainly doesn’t want Andrew to just go into the daycare to see Jace.  He owes her something like $10,000 in child support and he never pays or shows up.”

“Thankfully there is a digital code lock on the front door and the only visitors that can even step foot into the daycare are Jenelle and Barbara Evans.”

Despite Lewis’ efforts to surreptitiously see his son, he has been offered visitation many times over the years, only to remain MIA - and not pay support:

“Andrew’s been told that he can come and visit any time, but he has to pay child support and stop trying to get custody ... they’ve shut him down four times!”

“Andrew thinks that Jenelle should bring Jace to see him, not the other way around. He brags that he gave the boy life and that’s enough for now."

“Plus he always says that he sends her money and she spends it on junk or pawns stuff he gives her to buy drugs. They don’t get along at all," the source adds.

That sounds like the understatement of all time.

Meanwhile, the pregnant Jenelle and baby-daddy-to-be Nathan Griffth are expecting their first child (and second for each, respectively) this summer.

As for her creeping with Kieffer Delp ... we don't even know what to say about that, but between him, Nathan's issues and now Andrew back in the mix?

Her life is dramatic, to say the least.

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