Farrah Abraham: Sophia Can Read "Celebrity Sex Tape" Books!

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As you probably know, Farrah Abraham is penning Celebrity Sex Tape, a trilogy of erotic novels about a young woman that is loosely based on herself.

Gotta be pretty awkward for her daughter someday, right? Well, not anymore than the existence of the Farrah Abraham porn that the books are based on.

Farrah and Sophia Abraham

Farrah's clearly cool with it, and heck, she says she hopes the sexy novels that mirror her own sexual escapades are read by young Sophia one day.

“If she wants to read it later in life, I might blush a little, but I wouldn’t stop her,” Farrah says. “Eventually, she will have to find out that Mommy is a sexual person."

Aren't we all, she says? Sure we are, but not quite like ... that.

Will she pop in Backdoor Teen Mom on holidays, too? Sorry, maybe that's too far, but when you're talking about Farrah, one can't be sure of anything.

Back to her new book, Abraham has received major backlash from critics who claimed (nay, assumed) that she hired a ghostwriter for the sexy series.

Farrah Abraham states that this is simply not the case here.

According to the reality star, she would NEVER hire professional writing help to tell a story so personal, no matter how passionately dirty it might be.

“There were no ghost writers,” the Teen Mom star says.

“The story and words all came from my imagination.”

Imagination is probably a strong word, considering that Vivid wants to silence her, fearing she will reveal trade secrets under the guise of thinly veiled fiction.

She's also referred to Celebrity Sex Tape as “therapeutic” because it mimicked her life ... plus we're not sure if she lacks the brain capacity to be super inventive.

Just saying. Ghostwriting exists with her in mind.

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