Farrah Abraham: Okay, What is Up With Her FACE?

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If there's anything Farrah Abraham has been honest about, it's her passion for going under the knife early and often. Still ... what the HECK is up here.

Farrah has definitely gotten some more lip injections, and while less invasive than some of the previous work she's had done, it's hilariously over-the-top.

Farrah Abraham Lips Photo

Wow. Those lips were made for ... we don't even know, THGers.

That Blow Pop does not stand a CHANCE against 'em, though.

This gives new meaning to her "Blowin'" music video, doesn't it?

Okay, sorry. We'll stop. It's just ... look at her face, people!

Again, she's certainly not trying to hide anything - she's even open to her daughter getting plastic surgery - but this becoming a cause for concern.

Farrah Abraham, at one point, was a genuinely pretty girl. But her insecurities, daddy issues, or whatever's driving this have made her unrecognizable.

Is she full on addicted to surgery? We wouldn't be surprised.

It's sad, really, no matter how much she has perfected her puckering up pose. Things just keep getting freakier by the day in the World of Farrah ...

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