Farrah Abraham's Father to Write Tell-All Book For Some Reason

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On the heels of the just-announced, upcoming Farrah Abraham erotic book trilogy comes news that the reality/porn star's father is writing a tell-all of his own.

Michael Abraham is currently penning a book about Farrah, he revealed.

Farrah Abraham: Celeburty!

"There will be a lot of stories," he said, promising to delve into "what really happened" during Farrah's childhood and the juicy moments MTV's cameras didn't capture.

We understand where she gets her shamelessness, apparently.

The father of Farrah Abraham says the forthcoming page-turner will contain some "surprises" that might keep even the Backdoor Teen Mom guessing.

"Farrah definitely hasn't read the book yet," he said.

Michael claims he "will address things you didn’t see on TV and things nobody has ever heard of," and that it's about his family's "struggles and blessings."

He'll use the book to try to clear up misconceptions.

"Vivid [Entertainment] and the press made me look like I negotiated that deal [for the Farrah Abraham sex tape] and I did not," Abraham told Celebuzz.

We don't recall that ... but good to know Mike.

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