Drunk Driver Arrested While Wearing "Drunk As $hit" T-Shirt

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Ross McMakin is making Justin Bieber look like a responsible human being.

This 21-year old Oregon resident was arrested on Sunday night and charged with DUI. While wearing a shirt that reads “DRUNK AS SHIT.”

Drunk Driver Mug Shot

According to The Smoking Gun, McMakin was approached by police after his car veered off the sidewalk and hit a parked vehicle.

He’s then accused of choking his girlfriend after she tried to take his keys away.

Cops say the college senior was behind the wheel because his companion did not know how to drive a stick shift, a fact the couple maybe should have discussed before McMakin started throwing back drinks.

He’s been charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment, harassment and strangulation.

He's also earned a spot in our THG Mug Shot Hall of Fame:

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