Lindsay Lohan Wears Wedding Dress on 2 Broke Girls Set

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On the heels of Lindsay Lohan's list of lovers being leaked to the Internet comes a demure shot of the star in a wedding dress. How's that for irony.

The actress shot scenes for her upcoming guest spot on 2 Broke Girls on Wednesday, posing alongside Kat Dennings on Instagram. Peep it:

Lindsay Lohan, Kat Dennings

LiLo's "bridezilla" character Claire Guinness opted for a timeless bridal gown, while Dennings' alter-ego Max rocked an over-the-top dress and a dramatic veil.

Posting the shot on her Instagram page, Kat, 27, wrote: "

"S**t gets real in upcoming episodes of 2 Broke Girls."

Lindsay Lohan also excitedly took to her Twitter to share the pic, writing "sharing with you guys a preview wedding moment on set #2brokegirls xo L."

Will her star power help get more people to boost watch 2 Broke Girls online? It can't hurt, especially as she continues to make non-work-related news.

Following multiple arrests and rehab stints, LiLo has enjoyed success on the small screen this week ... in a documentary about what a mess she is/was.

Lindsay pulled in an impressive 700,000 viewers for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel on Sunday night, according to preliminary figures from Nielsen.

Then there was the list. Her "number," it turns out, is large.

In much more salacious gossip than anything revealed on Oprah's Lindsay Lohan reality show, an alleged list of her sexual conquests leaked online.

The roll call of 36 of her best-known lovers was penned, supposedly, by the actress herself during a night out with friends. It included many a name you'll recognize.

A source, who claimed to watch her write the document at the Beverly Hills Hotel said Lohan was trying to impress pals with "her personal conquest list."

The insider said the Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen star would even pause to think at times "as if she had to remind herself of who they were."

Here's a bunch of famous ones she came up with:


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