Kris Jenner Sex Tape Owner Wants $1 Million From Vivid, Denies Extortion of Kardashian Momager

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A man who claims to be in possession of a Kris Jenner sex tape says he's looking to sell the item to Vivid Entertainment, and for seven figures no less.

The individual, identified only as "Troy," tells Radar that he will contact Vivid and make the tape available on simple terms: a million dollars for the rights.

Vivid, of course, is the company who brought you the Kim Kardashian sex tape, Paris Hilton sex tape and Farrah Abraham sex tape, among other classics.

CEO Steve Hirsch is no fool, though. If this tape were real, he'd likely be all over it, but instead Kris denies it exists, and says she's being blackmailed.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians momager, 58, has contacted law enforcement with claims that an individual has been stalking and extorting her.

All, she says, over a sex tape she emphatically claims doesn’t exist.

Troy confirmed that he has bombarded Jenner with “hundreds” of phone calls - “That is absolutely true, yes I have" - but says he is not harassing her.

“She knew about this sex tape and did not want it out,” he added. “It was about the tape and doesn’t want it out, so yes, I have contacted her lots of times.”

The man also categorically denied he was guilty of extortion.

“That is totally false,” Troy said, adamantly denying wrongdoing. “Nobody has extorted money or asked to extort money. There is no money exchange.”

So who's telling the truth here?

In the wake of the scandal, Radar claims Jenner has now “drastically stepped up” security in light of the text and phone call onslaught from Troy.

She says she went to Nobu in Malibu and "then got a text from the man saying ‘Are you enjoying the restaurant?’ This person knew where she was.”

But Troy says in response to that: “That’s an absolute lie."

"She told me she was going to Nobu in Malibu and I quote unquote I asked her, ‘How are you doing at Nobu?’ Nobody said ‘How are you doing at the restaurant?'"

"She told me she was going to Nobu. She’s a liar.”

When asked why he had not yet offered proof of the tape‘s existence, which he said was filmed at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Troy says it's just business.

"I am not (making it up). I have the [Kris Jenner sex tape] on my hard drive. It goes for a high price. I just can’t release a sex tape. It is a million dollar tape.”

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