Kate Middleton & Prince William Accused of "Abandoning" Prince George on Vacation

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are facing backlash over their recent trip to the Maldives ... because they journey without Royal Baby Prince George.

Kind of ridiculous, don't you think?

The royal couple has received some serious criticism from this on Twitter, such as "These two really piss me off." Another choice commenter decreed:

"I like them but am shocked by this, just makes me think they are the same old royals ... Can’t imagine choosing to be so far from my baby for so long."


All by choosing to take a trip by themselves, while Prince George says with Kate's mom and dad and gets to spend quality time with his grandparents.

To us, it sounds like haters are just jealous that they can't pull that off, or if they can, might want to consider giving it a shot. Relationships need work, too.

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Parents love their children more than the world, and traveling as a family is a wonderful thing. We can all agree on this. But so is quality time as a couple.

In fact, you could argue convincingly that time away makes one even more committed to making sure we are doing the best job possible as parents.

Keeping a marriage strong and healthy, giving the grandparents some baby time and not getting burned out by parenting will benefit everyone, right?

Haters are gonna hate, especially when it comes to Prince William, Kate Middleton and their unlimited resources. But as human beings, they did nothing wrong.

In our opinion. What about yours?

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