Justin Bieber: Making Music, Grateful for His Career

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Justin Bieber has taken a break from getting new tattoos and acting like an arrogant A-Hole to do what he does best:

Drive really fast and hurl eggs at his neighbors? No, silly readers: Record some tunes!

“always making music. always grateful for the opportunity to do what i love. thank you” Bieber Tweeted last night. “Me and @dankanter making music all night. Live music. Real musicians. Love music. #studiolife”

Dan Kanter is Justin‘s longtime guitarist and musical director.

It’s unclear what the pair are up to, but here’s something to be excited about it: adidas NEO has released a new promo that teases some kind of big surprise from the brand tomorrow.

Bieber has been a very busy young man of late.

He continues to receive major heat for his deposition in Miami on March 6 and he sold two properties in Los Angeles.

Yes, Atlanta, here Justin Bieber comes.

Prepare for a whole bunch of Bieber shirtless sightings, residents of Georgia.

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