Jenelle Evans Hopes Farrah Abraham Can Get Her Life Together Someday, Just Like Her

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Jenelle Evans apparently believes she's got her life together these days, and someday, maybe, hopefully, Farrah Abraham will know what that feels like.

At least that's the impression she's giving off.

On March 2, a follower tweeted, "Hopefully @F1abraham can get her life together like @PBandJenelley_1 did. She's living proof people can change."

Jenelle re-tweeted the message to her fans.

Of course, the pregnant Jenelle Evans doesn't even have custody of her son, and hasn't for the last four years. You might have forgotten Jace existed.

She also smoking weed while pregnant ... allegedly.

Either way, she may be improving, but it's relative, and for someone who can't help herself from getting pregnant or arrested, throwing shade is a bold move.

Especially when she and a man named Nathan Griffith, who also doesn't have custody of his first child, or custody of a job that we know of, are expecting.

Even some Jenelle fans couldn't help but note this, given her penchant for drugs, violence, plastic surgery and so much more (see below) over the years.

In regard to Evans' re-tweet, one wrote, "wtf?!?!?!"

Another said, "But Farrah has custody of her child."

Someone else pointed out, "At least [Farrah]'s a mother to her child and hasn't given her away, essentially," while others still were even more brutal.

"They are both equally disgusting. Damaged goods."

That's kind of rough. We have no doubt that they're both trying their best, especially lately, though neither can escape some of the decisions they've made.

How does Farrah stack up if we're really being fair?

Farrah Abraham sex tape, pathological lying, cringe-worthy pics (below) and lack of self-awareness aside, she is a very present and devoted mother to Sophia.

Hopefully, one day, Jenelle will know what that's like.

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[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.

Jenelle [Evans] has all the potential to turn her negatives into a positive like I have.