Amber Portwood: Farrah Abraham and I Used to HATE Each Other

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Amber Portwood, one of MTV's original Teen Mom cast members, reveals that she never got along with her notorious co-star Farrah Abraham. At all.

Both reality stars gained quite a bit of notoriety from the popular show, and since, with Amber doing hard time and Farrah doing a hard ... James Deen.

When they would meet at reunion specials? TENSION.

Portwood, who was recently released from prison, sat down with Life & Style and explained the nature of her turbulent relationship with Farrah Abraham.

"We hated each other for a long time," she said.

"Behind the scenes at reunions, there were incidents where things got heated. Nobody was backing down. We both at the time had some huge attitudes."

But the bitterness has since subsided, at least.

Portwood told the magazine she no longer harbors any ill will. "I'd love to give Farrah a hug now. I would like to reconnect now that we've both grown up."

One Teen Mom star she probably doesn't yearn to give a hug to is Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, who she recently said could use little time in jail herself.

"As scary as it seems, it would change her life for the better," she said adding, "It's not like you can wake up one day and be like, Hey, I'm clean.'"

She also hit the fact that the pregnant Evans doesn't have custody of her son, Jace: "You have one child you need to think about before you have another."

Jenelle Evans replied via Twitter to these comments: "I love how I look towards more of the positive side of things yet ex teen moms want to try to ring me down."

"It's sad, focus on yourself," she added.

Awaiting Farrah response in 5 ... 4 ...

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