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For the first time since being publicly accused of molestation, Woody Allen has spoken out regarding his Dylan Farrow’s recent allegations.

And the famous director has made it as clear as he can in a New York Times op-ed.

“Of course, I did not molest Dylan,” he writes in an piece that will appear in tomorrow’s paper. “I loved her and hope one day she will grasp how she has been cheated out of having a loving father and exploited by a mother more interested in her own festering anger than her daughter’s well-being.”

Last weekend, Dylan Farrow said that Allen sexually abused her as a seven-year old, detailed horrible acts he committed in the attic of her childhood home.


Allen says, however, that these claims originated from Mia Farrow, Dylan’s mother, who remains bitter after the couple’s “terribly acrimonious breakup” 21 years ago.

“The self-serving transparency of her malevolence seemed so obvious I didn’t even hire a lawyer to defend myself,” he writes of Mia. I naÏvely thought the accusation would be dismissed out of hand because of course, I hadn’t molested Dylan and any rational person would see the ploy for what it was.”

An investigation in 1992 did not being assault charges against Allen, although official documents do hint that evidence was present… authorities simply believed it would be too traumatic for the then-seven year old Dylan to go through a trial.

Allen also passed a lie detector test at the time.

Mia Farrow gained full custody of her kids after her split from Allen and the latter said he and his wife, Soon-Yi, “made countless attempts to see Dylan but Mia blocked them all, spitefully knowing how much we both loved her but totally indifferent to the pain and damage she was causing the little girl merely to appease her own vindictivenes.”

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Since Dylan’s letter last week, this issue has been a relevant one in Hollywood because she called out various stars (Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett) for continuing to work with Allen.

Baldwin says the topic should be off-limits for public debate. Barbara Walters is on Woody’s side. Rosie O’Donnell believes Dylan.

Why have the allegations now surfaced again? Allen points to Mia’s continued rage over his cheating on her with her stepdaughter, Soon-Yi. He asks:

“Not that I doubt Dylan hasn’t come to believe she’s been molested, but if from the age of 7 a vulnerable child is taught by a strong mother to hate her father because he is a monster who abused her, is it so inconceivable that after many years of this indoctrination the image of me Mia wanted to establish had taken root?”

Allen concludes with: “No one wants to discourage abuse victims from speaking out, but one must bear in mind that sometimes there are people who are falsely accused and that is also a terribly destructive thing.

“This piece will be my final word on this entire matter and no one will be responding on my behalf to any further comments on it by any party. Enough people have been hurt.”

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