Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: Let's Have MORE KIDS!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 5 was like art imitating life, or just reality shows filming life and airing it so long after the fact that it feels like a different world.

On last night's installment, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith decided that they want to have a kid together, which as we know they went and got crackin' on.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry moved son Isaac out of state without telling ex Jo, Leah Messer said goodbye to her best friend, and Chelsea ... ugh. Just ugh.

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We kick things off with Jenelle Evans, 22, spending quality time with her son, Jace, 4, who somehow says he wants to stay with her and not Bahbrahhh!

That must mean she's doing something right? Plus 50, but Minus 50 because Babs puts the kibosh on that, telling her thanks but no thanks. Jace needs rest.

Nathan Griffith encourages her to put up more of a fight for custody of Jace, which leads to a conversation about the two of them potentially having kids.

Yes, they are gonna procreate gain. Jenelle Evans is pregnant.

Minus 350 for the obvious skepticism on everyone's part, which Barbara expresses, saying Jenelle still needs to learn to put Jace first before having another.

Minus 150 more for Jenelle not taking this to heart, telling her BFF Tori over lunch that she’s stopped using birth control cold turkey so she can get pregnant.

Minus 250 more because Jenelle is still looking at jail time for her many legal run-ins, but can only muster in response, “I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.”

Not too well thought out, to say the absolute least here.

Plus 450, however, because with the passing of time, we've seen her hold it together better than we expected. She's in a good place now it seems.

Well, save for the whole smoking weed while pregnant thing. Minus 300, Jenelle, seriously. No one us buying the whole "morning sickness remedy" bit.

On to Kailyn Lowry, who is also pregnant, planning her wedding ceremony to Javi Marroquin, and waging a custody battle over moving Isaac out of state.

Javi closed on the house they made an offer on ... at which point Kailyn makes a decision not to tell Jo Rivera that they are moving into the new home. Minus 250.

Without knowing what a judge is going to say as far as whether or not she legally can move Isaac out of state, she's moving forward with it anyway.

Her plan? Proceed until she legally can't. Plus 100 for at least sticking to her guns and for seeming so happy with Javi, but this is dangerous legal ground.

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin Photo

Leah Messer Calvert is dealing with more sadness this week, but fortunately, not due to her girls' health. Kayla Roush has gotten married and is leaving town.

Minus 100 for that loss, as well as for Jeremy always being at work. Girl is lonely and has a lot on her plate these days, although there is a bright spot.

Leah found a stretch of land she likes, and thinks they can live in a double-wide there until she and Jeremy sell the house and can buy a new home for the land.

Corey, for his part, has an emotional conversation with his dad about Leah, Ali and her health diagnosis. Plus 100 for at least taking this so seriously.

Chelsea Houska is still going to beauty school, while daughter Aubree gets used to preschool. She wants to take a trip to L.A. with her BFF Megan.

Typically, Aubree’s dad Adam would step up and take care of the little girl for a few days here, but instead Chelsea sends Aubree to stay with her dad.

Minus 300 for Adam being one of the bigger deadbeats around.

But Plus 100 for Randy, in general. That guy is just the best.

Chelsea really seems to enjoy the time in L.A., while back in South Dakota, Adam tells his buds that his new girlfriend, Taylor, is going to give birth ASAP!

Adam also reveals that he is still planning to take Chelsea Houska to court so that she is legally obligated to allow him to spend time with their little girl.

Double sigh. Minus 300 for this dude reproducing again.


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