Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Home is Where the Drama is?

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The drama was actually fairly marginal on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 4, especially when you consider that Jenelle Evans stars on the MTV program.

Emotions were high, and it's not like dealing with a life-changing diagnosis, buying a new home, or parenting in general is every easy and/or drama-free.

Still, it was devoid of the craziness you might expect most weeks when you watch Teen Mom 2 online, and that's not a bad thing. Let's break it down below!

Perhaps most notable for the lack of insanity last night was Jenelle Evans and the turning point she looks to have reached with her mother Barbara.

Jenelle and Nathan Griffith have have found home to rent together that’s right on the beach in S.C. and has an extra bedroom just for her son, Jace.

Plus 100 for that basic consideration, as she's actually planning on Jace living with them down the road it seems - a stark contrast to recent seasons.

And Plus 100 more for Nathan getting distracted by cleaning up dog feces while Jenelle unpacks their moving van all by herself. That's just good comedy.

Barbara, who she invites to come check the place out, is impressed with how nice the house is, and even suggests Jace bring some of his toys over.

On another visit later on, Barbara shares that she thinks Jenelle is definitely ready to have sleepovers with Jace. Progress, people! Progress! Plus 300.

Leah Messer, meanwhile, realizes that she may have to sell her first home with husband Jeremy Calvert is necessary if daughter Ali is going to need a wheelchair.

She and her mom, Dawn, talk about how hard it is to watch the little girl struggle, especially with Jeremy away so often for work, but it is what it is right now.

They both agree that they need to do what’s best for Ali, which is what parenting is all about, even if that means selling their first home together. Plus 100.

Her ex-husband and the little girl's father Corey Simms, however, disagrees with Ali’s diagnosis and thinks they should call the shots, not the doctors.

Minus 100, because his heart is in the right place, without any doubt, but that may not be the most constructive approach at this already trying time, Corey.

Chelsea Houska is still struggling with the notion of allowing her ex, Adam Lind, to have more consistent visitation rights with their daughter, Aubree.

Plus 100 for making the effort, though, and Minus 300 for him forgetting her birthday as well as Aubree's a week earlier. This guy is such a loser.

Adam then asks Aubree if she wants to spend the day with him even though he knows it's Chelsea's birthday. It's like he tries to be a d-bag sometimes.

Or all the time. Minus 300.

Then later, Adam tells his pregnant new girlfriend Taylor that he is looking forward to the birth of their daughter, Paisley, so he can be a full-time dad.

Good luck, Taylor.

Kailyn Lowry is gearing up for a custody fight with Jo Rivera over Isaac, while husband Javi Marroquin starts looking at houses near his military base.

She's reluctant to go all-in when the custody issue is up in the air, but when she sees a place he found, she decides that they should make an offer ASAP.

Plus 100 because they both agree up front that if they buy it and get denied custody, they'll have to re-sell. Communication is always the key in such cases.

Later, Kailyn tells Javi that if the sellers accept their offer, she will just move out of state until a judge tells her she is not allowed to. Minus 100 for the risk.


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