Rihanna Anti-Gay Comments: Revealed as Fake By Benvoy Seals!

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Benvoy Seals, a gay Rihanna fan, caused quite the ruckus this week when he shared an alleged Instagram exchange he had with the pop superstar.

According to Seals' screen shot, Rihanna said he was going to hell for being gay - a shocking accusation he happily spread around the Internet.

Now he's admitting it's all fake, though.

Rihanna P6

Benvoy Seals posted the below image on Instagram Thursday night, showing a back and forth between himself and Rih on her comments section.

Seals writes to her: "Rihanna u going to hell girl"

She replies: "Arnt you gay? ... Nuff said blah!"

Only she didn't. Benvoy now insists he was lying the whole time and that he actually Photoshopped the Instagram image circulating around the web.

Benvoy has deleted the original Instagram picture and posted a retraction in its place, claiming, "Rihanna would never say something like that."

Rih Message
Rih Fake

The exchange with the singer would have been truly shocking if it were legitimate, given that Rihanna is long been believed to be an LGBT supporter.

In fact, the 26-year-old voiced support for gay rights in Russia less than a week ago, posting a photo of herself wearing a hat embroidered with "P6."

Principle 6 is a campaign against Russia's anti-gay propaganda law. There's also her new video with Shakira. Can't get much more pro girl-on-girl than that.

As for why Benvoy would do such a thing to tarnish her reputation?

"I lied. I don't know why," he told TMZ in a Friday interview. "I just did."

He also received thousands of death threats and hate messages, which he probably asked for, although allow us to offer a suggestion, Mr. Seals:

Just post actual comments by these folks. No need to fake anything:


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