Man Breaks Into Police Car, Yells "I Love Jesus Christ" as Darth Vader Looks On

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A Los Angeles man was apparently arrested on Tuesday after breaking into an LAPD vehicle and taking a laptop from it, which alone would be noteworthy.

Not can-you-freaking-believe-this-happened noteworthy, but still notable. What made this incident far more special, however, are the following factors:

  1. It was all captured on video camera by a local news photographer.
  2. The robber in question was loudly proclaiming his love for Jesus ...
  3. ... While smashing the windows out with construction stakes.
  4. After the break-in, he boots up the thing and starts using it.
  5. Darth Vader was walking by and happened to witness this.

Yes ... the police Force was not there, but the Sith Lord was:

As the laptop heist was taking place, the perp shared, “I love Jesus Christ!” The camera then picked up on the fact that Vader was one of the key witnesses.

A Superman passerby reportedly saw this brazen street crime take place too, but actually told the police that “It’s not my job to jump in the middle.”

Some Man of Steel you are. We'd half expect Darth to video bomb this scene, then turn a blind eye to this sort of thing and let the crook evade capture.

But Superman? Really dude?

Shame. For shame.

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