Katherine Heigl Broke? Actress Needs $150K in Donations to Fund New Movie

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Katherine Heigl's career is not what it used to be. The actress is set to star in the independent film Jenny's Wedding ... provided it can get funding.

Producers for the Mary Agnes Donoghue-directed project have created an Indiegogo campaign, asking for donations to reach a goal of $150,000.

"How's the funding going?" TMZ asked the former Grey's Anatomy star. "If your movie doesn't getting the funding ... would you be willing to fill in the extra amount?"

"I haven't made that much in the last few years, man," said Heigl, who has two little kids with her husband Josh Kelley. "I gotta support my family."

According to the San Francisco-based crowdfunding site, Katherine's would-be film has only raised $32,311 so far since it started on February 11.

While many sources have jumped on that comment as evidence that Heigl is having financial problems, that's probably unlikely, given her resume.

Back in September, multiple film and TV insiders told the Hollywood Reporter that Heigl earned $12 million for her role in 2010's Life as We Know It.

Of course, she's also been blacklisted by TV and movie industry insiders over her diva-like behavior, so who knows how little she's made since.

Heigl has finished shooting Jenny's Wedding, which tells the story of Jenny Farrell (Heigl), who tells her conservative family that she's a lesbian.

She plans on marrying her roommate, Kitty (Alexis Bledel).

Hey, If there's celebrity girl-on-girl action, maybe she could use that as a crowdfunding selling point? It wouldn't hurt, K-Heigs. Just saying ...

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