Kanye West Fumes to Kim Kardashian: Stop Acting! You're a Nice Person!

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On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 4, Kim Kardashian was painted as an unwanted house guest.

Kris Jenner continually told the camera how irritated she was by the presence of her daughter, complaining about the time Kim took in the bathroom, how she made repairs to the residence without Jenner's permission and other ongoing annoyances.

After viewing the installment, meanwhile, Kanye West had a question for his fiancee: WTH?!?

Radar Online quotes a source who says Kanye doesn't understand why Kim allow herself to be portrayed in such a negative light.

In real life, the insider says, Kim "respects" her mom's home and would never act in such ways as we saw on E! last weekend.

So, why did she come across like a petulant child on screen?

Kim told Kanye it was a storyline for that particular episode," this insider explains, adding that Kanye exploded and pleaded with his baby mama to "stop acting."

"He thinks Kim gets a bad reputation because of how she is portrayed on the reality show," the Radar source says.

"Kim is a totally different person off camera, very sweet and thoughtful, and not this materialistic, judgmental monster that viewers saw."

Whoa... whoa... whoa: is this person trying to say that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is scripted? That can't be true.

Kris mocked Kim during the episode for making loud phone calls, sarcastically referred to her a "princess" and told viewers she is "secretly counting the day" until Kimye moves out.

And West, someone who prides himself on being real, can't comprehend why Kardashian would permit herself to come across this way when it's so antithetical to her actual personality.

Funny. We can think of $40 million reasons why.

Go watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online at TV Fanatic and celebrate Kim and Kanye, whose engagement will air on Sunday's episode, here:

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