Happy 27th Birthday, Ellen Page!

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We'll be honest:

We may not have recognized Ellen Page's birthday if it took place just two weeks ago. Yes, we loved the actress in Juno and Inception, but she hasn't done a lot since and she isn't exactly a celebrity gossip staple.

But then Page came out as gay in an especially brave and well-written speech and has been thrust into the spotlight over the past few days.

She turns 27 today and the best gift you can present her with is to listen to each one of her words from last Friday in Las Vegas.

Page has been met with an outpouring of support and admiration from Hollywood.

It's certainly well deserved and it's hard to believe that this grown woman is the same young girl who uttered those memorable Juno quotes so many years ago.

We continue to applaud Page and other celebrities that have taken the brave step of being open about their sexuality.

They include the following stars:

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