Farrah Abraham: Diagnosed With Sexual Depression!

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Couples Therapy, also known as the Farrah Abraham therapy show, just keeps getting better/worse. She has been diagnosed with "sexual depression."

Seriously. Abraham coined the term first, but therapist Dr. Jenn Berman said it's a good term to describe her issues when it comes to doing the deed.

"When I’m going to date somebody," she said, "I’m thinking about, ‘Oh, if I have sex with this person, ‘I’m just wondering why they’re wanting to have sex."

"I just always feel like they’re always trying to control me in some way," the reality star went on, "like they’re trying to f--king break me in some way."

While it's far from surprising that Farrah Abraham has sexual issues, it's sad in a way to hear this, assuming she's being at all sincere on the show.

It has to be at least a little sincere, right? She's 22, unattached, and at least moderately attractive. The insecurity issues are clearly off the charts.

What we've been watching may be the symptoms of her issues, not the cause, and compared to some of her co-stars, she's downright sympathetic.

Yes, she's a pathological liar. But she may not be able to help that, either.

At least she didn't spring a secret girlfriend of two years on her significant other and expect her to be fine with it (talking to you, Ghostface Killah).

Or call her significant other a "p---y", argue over every minute detail and act like the biggest douche this side of Justin Bieber (cough, Jon Gosselin).

Or Taylor Armstrong. In general. What a painful individual.

In Farrah's case, she mostly hurts herself, and this week, Dr. Jenn teased that Farrah has shared some of the "most horrific things" she's ever heard.

What do you think those things could be? And is it possible we've been too hard on her over the past year? Share your comments with us below ...

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