Boy Steals Parents' Car, Tells Cops He's Actually a Dwarf Who Forgot License

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Kids have been known to tell some whoppers, but this one is all-time.

A 10-year-old boy in Norway stole his parents' car while they were sleeping and attempted to drive himself and his 18-month-old sister to their grandparents' home.

Grandma and grandpa live 68 miles away, for those keeping score.

Dwarf Carjacking

The youth impressively made it about six miles before he veered off the road and was spotted by a local snowplow driver who dutifully called the police.

Yes, he attempted this in hazardous winter conditions no less.

According to Baard Christiansen of the Vest Oppland police, "The boy told the snowplow driver he was a dwarf and had left his driver’s license at home."

"The parents woke up and discovered the children were missing and that someone had taken off with their car. They were pretty upset, as you can imagine."

Luckily, neither child was injured in the accident nor was there any damage done to the car. Both the kids and the vehicle were returned home intact.

Added Christiansen of the bizarre story, "I'm pretty sure [the parents are] going to pay very close attention both to their children and to their keys in the future."

The kid might want to think it through the next time he jacks a car, or the next time he tries to lie himself out of it, because that's just not very believable.

Fortunately, he'll never be accused of these kinds of crimes:

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