9 Pictures of Bruce Jenner That Make Him Sort of Look Like a Woman

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If the rumored Bruce Jenner sex change happens, we'll be all for it.

Who are we to object when one feels so insecure and uncomfortable in one own's skin that a major move is necessary? We only get one life, people. We've gotta make sure we're happy in it.

But we must be honest with Bruce: he could maybe save some time and a lot of money by not doing a thing.

Because, let's face it, he sort of looks like a woman already. No offense intended, just an observation made. You can see what we mean, right?

Due to his ongoing mid-life crisis and addiction to plastic surgery, those close to Jenner say he's the next Michael Jackson.

We can't say we ever saw that comparison coming... but let's hope Bruce does not meet the same fate as MJ.

Go ahead and quit Keeping Up with the Kardashians if you must, man. Do what you gotta do.

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