Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Will Rehab Save Their Marriage?

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are on the verge of a shocking, scandalous celebrity breakup. Will his surprise trip to rehab be enough to save their marriage?

It was any wife's worst nightmare. Dean, the father of Tori's four children who cheated on his previous wife with Spelling, now stands accused of cheating on her.

As reports began to surface that he stepped out on her with Emily Goodhand and their relationship was on the brink of collapse, the duo hit a crossroads.

"What other options did they have? They already tried therapy, so it had to be something drastic," a family source says of the couple's "major" move.

The news that Dean McDermott checked into rehab came abruptly, as he confirmed he "voluntarily" went "to address some health and personal issues."

McDermott's decision to seek treatment was praised by his ex, Mary Jo Eustace, and has reportedly given Spelling the chance she needed to begin healing.

He did not specify what his issues are, or admit that he cheated on his wife, but apologized in a statement that made the implications crystal clear.

Not that this is going to make things all better with his scorned spouse.

"He's willing to be treated. It's something that he can't control," a source says. "It gives her a chance to understand why he did this and to not take it personally."

He can't control boning other women on a work trip to Toronto?

Regardless of whether or not you believe that, McDermott is said to be determined to keep the family intact, even if time may not heal all wounds.

Tori, 40, is facing a long journey toward forgiving Dean, 47.

"Him going to rehab is like providing aid to a gushing wound," the source says. "It's going to stop the bleeding right now, but it's going to take a long time."

"There will be scars that will never go away."

Your take: Should Tori divorce Dean?

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