Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: When Jenelle Evans Met Nathan Griffith ...

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Jenelle Evans met Nathan Griffith, the father of her unborn child, Tuesday night on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 2, and that's not nearly all for the fab four.

Medical problems, family court cases, custody battles, and even jail time are factors for her, Leah Messer Calvert, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska.

What did we learn last night? Come along for THG's official +/- recap!

Naturally, most of the headlines regarding Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 2 are made by wild child Jenelle Evans, who was feeling down after her abortion.

Jenelle is confident that she made the right call to terminate the pregnancy (with Courtland Rogers' baby) but her pending court case is another story.

Her lawyer Dustin advises her not to contact Courtland at all through the duration of her heroin case, which could drag out for months to come. Plus 100.

Feeling alone and sad, she tries out an online dating app. Minus 100.

She got connected with Nathan Griffith, a guy that she raved to her mom ”plays football, goes to college, works at a resort, and is an underwear model."

Barbara is not impressed. Plus 200 for Bahhhhbrah.

The elder Evans not only takes care of Jenelle's kid, but always gives her the reality check she needs. Even when she gets ignored, she perseveres.

She deserves better sometimes, that Bahhhhbrah.

Despite the fact that she is legally married to Courtland, and just went through the physical and mental strain of an abortion, she shrugs off Babs' concerns. Minus 300.

Jenelle Evans tells a friend that since age 14, she can’t handle being alone, especially since she doesn’t have custody of her son Jace. Plus 100 for admitting it.

As a result, se wants a stable male figure in her life ... and thinks she's found it in Nathan Griffith, an ex-Marine who takes her on a fun mini golf date. Plus 50.

They hit it off and are totally up front with each other.

She says the most insane thing she ever did was run off to N.J. because of drugs and opens up about her heroin use. He tells her about doing E.

At least they understand each other. Plus 150.

Jenelle Evans, Boyfriend Photo

Leah Messer Calvert is taking a vacation with her husband Jeremy and her three daughters. Adalynn (with Jer), Ali, and Aleeah (with Corey Simms).

After the muscular dystrophy diagnosis last week, it's nice to see them get away. If there's anyone who needs a little R&R it's Leah Messer Calvert.

Plus 150 because Jer seems like a good guy too.

Leah tries to teach Ali to swim, and she’s crushed regarding how many more difficulties and fears she faces than Aleeah due to muscular dystrophy.

Ali struggles the entire time the family is at an amusement park, and Aleeah acts out because Ali and Adalynn consistently demand more attention.

Leah also worries about the strain of raising her three girls when Jeremy is away for work, which takes up a lot of his time even though it supports them.

Plus 250, because it's a very true-to-life situation. It's not all Jenelle drama and tabloid craziness ... watch Teen Mom online for a look at real struggles!

Chelsea Houska is in beauty school! Plus 50.

Looking to set an example for daughter Aubree, since deadbeat Adam Lind isn’t around, Chels is feeling better about herself than ever. Get it, gurl! Plus 250.

Unfortunately, Adam Lind tells his new girlfriend Taylor, who's dating him for some reason, that he’s serious about getting more custody of Aubree.

Minus 350 for how delusional this guy is.

Chelsea, understandably, is struggling to juggle school and parenting, and she finds that her little girl is acting out more and more, as kids do.

When Adam’s girlfriend gives birth to his second child soon, she fears this will only complicate the dynamics even more ... ya think?! Minus 250.

Kailyn Lowry is battling baby daddy Jo Rivera in court to obtain permission to move with their son Isaac out of state with military husband Javi Marroquin.

Javi tries to keep her mind off the trial, which will determine if she’ll be able to leave her home state. Clearly there's a lot riding on this, and she's stressed.

In mediation, Kailyn’s lawyer advises her to consider offering week-long visits with Jo and Isaac during the summer, to help both with the switch.

Jo’s lawyer says because Javi is in the military, they may face may more moves around the U.S. that will affect Isaac’s relationship with his dad.

The case is delayed once again, so this was basically filler ... except that Kailyn's anxiety is rising and she doesn't know how much of it she can take.

If nothing else, Plus 50 for the realness of this situation.


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