Pretty Little Liars Recap: Dear Diary...

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Pretty Little Liars reminded viewers of its title this week,

Yes, it's called Pretty Little Liars for a reason, most notably because these pretty young girls lie to nearly everyone around them... including each other.

We can start with Ali in "Love ShAck, Baby," whose diary was "creative nonfiction with pseudonyms," as Spencer rightly explained it. How could the girls decode this writing?

By investigating the stories, of course, such as a poem about a bumblebee that lead them to The Busy Bee, a bed and breakfast where… Ali was hiding out? Not quite.

On the way there, unfortunately, the car broke down, leading to the group taking shelter in Ezra's cabin.

Once there, someone actually swiped the silver diary while Hanna and Emily were outside and Spencer and Aria were in the linen closet.

Come on, Liars! Didn't you ever take Diary Re-Enactment 101? Never let the tome out of your sight.

Emily, meanwhile, was visited by the author of the diary herself. Was that a dream about Ali? Did she actually visit Emily in the middle of the night. Hmmm...

As for A? She thanked Aria and Emily for helping her (him? it?) find Alison. A is now on the bed and breakfast track and even caused their GPS to fail and the car to break down. Really, is there anything A cannot do?

Elsewhere, Aria lied to Spencer about the note she left in Ezra's desk, while Ezra lurked like nobody's business. He actually made his way into the Marin household under the ruse of Hanna's subpar schoolwork at one point, snooping around his student's laptop.

On the relationship front, Hanna made it seem like she's cool with Caleb being in Ravenswood and with the break-up. She also tore a page out of the diary because it revealed she once hooked up with Mike. EEK!

Final thoughts:

  • Who the patient who witnessed Marion's "accident?" Maybe Alison?
  • CeCe Drake was spotted at a train station in Maryland and we learned she made many deposits prior to Wilden's murder.
  • Spencer goes to stay wit Toby after a fight with her dad.

What did you think of this installment? Of where the season is headed? Watch Pretty Liars online and sound off now!

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