Michelle Hurst, Orange is the New Black Star, Out of Medically-Induced Coma

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Our thoughts are with Michelle Hurst today.

The actress, best known for her role as Miss Claudette on Orange is the New Black, is slowly recovering from a very serious car accident, one that left her in a medically-induced coma for 16 days.

Michelle Hurst on Orange is the New Black

Hurst's co-stars have gathered to raise funds for her treatment on youcaring.com and a statement on that site has provided an update of the actress' condition. It reads:

"She had major injuries so the doctors put her in a medically induced coma to avoid movement while they did multiple surgeries near her spine.

"She is out of the coma (after 16 days) and has opened her eyes!"

The fundraising efforts, meanwhile, have raised more than $9,000.

Piper Kerman, who wrote the memoir on which Orange is the Nw Black is based, Tweeted that Hurst "needs out help" and included with it a link to her You Caring page.

The link was immediately retweeted by Natasha Lyonne, who portrays incarcerated drug addict Nicky Nichols.

"Please give what you can to help Michelle Hurst — the amazing actress who plays Ms. Claudette," she wrote.

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