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Tila Tequila (yes, she’s still around, doing whatever it is she does), claims that Paul Walker, who tragically died in a car crash, was actually murdered.

The victim of a “ritualistic murder,” to be exact.

Yes, this is a real quote off of her Facebook.

Sunday, Tila Facebooked about the death of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Vancouver woman who was found dead in the water tank of an L.A. hotel in February.

While the L.A. County Coroner deemed Lam’s death “accidental,” Tequila (with no factual basis) believes otherwise, opining “it was indeed a ritualistic murder.”

Indeed, she says, “Just like Paul Walker’s.”


Walker’s cause of death was traumatic and thermal injuries suffered when he and his friend Roger Rodas crashed the Porsche GT they were in.

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The sports car hit a tree and a phone pole at high speeds, killing both men tragically and very quickly, if not immediately, last Saturday in California.

How those basic facts fit into Tila’s “ritualistic murder” theory is unclear, but this is a woman who’s faked her own pregnancies and suicide attempts.

We don’t except a lot of intelligent analysis. Or for anything that escapes her pathologically lying, possibly deranged yap to be remotely accurate.

Just saying. As for the original subject of her out-of-nowhere social media conspiracy theory, she did not elaborate on Elisa Lam’s death, either.