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Doe B, a 22-year old rapper affiliated with T.I.’s Hustle Gang, was shot and killed inside an Alabama nightclub early this morning. He was 22 years old.

The artist (real name: Glenn Thomas) was fatally wounded in an incident that took place at Centennial Hill Bar and Grill and which also took the life of a 21-year old woman.

Doe B signed on to T.I’s label in early 2013 and was a native of Montgomery. He donned an eye patch due to a shooting from many years earlier and was a rapper on the rise due to his Baby Je$us mixtape.

Al Matthews in Aliens

Tweeted a rep for Doe B:

“On behalf of doe b’s management i would like to thank all of his fans and say Rest in Peace my brother Glenn thomas aka @CBMDOEB.”

Word subsequently spread across social media, with Drake sending along his condolences and Meek Mill writing on Twitter: “R I P Doe B …. I hate seeing s— like dis!”

Doe B’s manager, DJ Frank White, venting his anger at the owners of the Centennial Hill Bar and Grill, Tweeting:

“I will do everything i can to see the rose never open. How many people gotta be f—- killed. ??? Yall let guns in the club??? Security yall let guns in the club??? Again???! You need to be arrested. This blood is on your hands #therose #centineiel hill???”

No statement has yet been issued by local police.