Dad Deemed Unfit For Refusing to Take Son to McDonald's

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In some of the strangest parenting news we'll hear all day, a New York City father was deemed inept for refusing to give in to his 5-year-old's demands for McDonald's. 

The child threw a tantrum and the dad delivered an ultimatum: Choose another, healthier place to eat or don't eat at all. You can guess what the 5-year old chose, can't you.

What is it with parents these days wanting to feed their kids less junky food? Sheesh! Just give in to the siren song of the Happy Meal, Dad!

David E. Schorr put his foot down on October 30th and refused to take his son to McDonald's "because his son had been eating too much junk food."

Schorr, after being labeled "inept," calls himself "not a very strict father who rarely refuses his child McDonald's." And the one time he sticks to his guns this happens.

When the boy threw a tantrum after being told no McDonald's, Schorr offered him the option of choosing another restaurant--any restaurant--and the boy chose not to eat. Schorr returned the boy to his mother's building, repeatedly offering him the option of going somewhere else for dinner. 

If you've ever tried to negotiate with a 5-year-old you can imagine how futile this father's efforts were.

Schorr is in the midst of a contentious divorce with estranged wife Bari Yunis Schorr, and he believes psychologist Marilyn Schiller declared him incapable of caring for his nearly 5 year old strictly to help his wife's case. Schiller told a judge the incident "raises concerns about the viability" of the father's visits with his son and asked that they be eliminated.

Schorr filed a defamation suit following Schiller's remarks to the judge. Neither Schiller nor Bari Schorr's attorney have commented on McDonald's-gate.

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