Bethenny Frankel to Farrah Abraham: You LOVE the Controversy and Attention!

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Bethenny Frankel isn't sweating Farrah Abraham's recent appearance on her show and the ensuing trash talk, because in her mind, it's just what Farrah does.

If you recall (or if you don't), Farrah slammed the supposedly unpleasant experience she went through on Bethenny, calling Frankel rude and judgmental.

Bethenny, opines Farrah Abraham in her infinite wisdom, "seems to be in a dark place in her life ... it was shocking to see how against women she really is.”

If Frankel is bothered by the criticism or controversy, she's not showing it. On the contrary, she says she likes to interview guests like Farrah because of it.

“[I like to] have a conversation with someone that I think will show a different side, and a different conversation, and reflect human behavior," she said.

"But a lot of those people are controversial for a reason. They like to be controversial. That’s what their brand is, being controversial and continuing to do that.”

Sounds about right, don't you think?

“It the people that are known for that," she added, "there’s a reason for it, and they leave and they kind of plant seeds so they will grow to make it 15 or 16 minutes."

Please ... let it stop at 15. Please.

“It’s okay,” Frankel said of the publicity she gets as a result of such people. “I get something out of it, I guess they get something out of it. It is what it is.”

Ditto Bethenny and Omarosa.

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