Lamar Odom and Father: Hanging Out, Mending Relationship

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The marriage between Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian remains on the rocks.

But a new report claims this basketball player is hoping to mend the broken relationship he shares with his father, Joe Odom.

In September, Joe laid into Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians, blaming them for his child's alleged drug problems and saying they don't care at all about Lamar.

Lamar, to his credit, stood up for his in-laws defending them on Twitter as the "ONLY FAMILY that has loved me without expecting anything in return" and slamming Joe for never once checking in on him during this dark period.

He even referred to Joe as his "downfall" and later cut Joe off financially.

But father and son were spotted in Venice Beach over the weekend and insiders tell TMZ they've been hanging out for awhile around where Joe lives in Marina del Rey.

They are chilling at the beach… dining together… and Lamar has even spent a couple nights at his dad's place.

It remains unclear whether Lamar will once again pay Joe's rent, but sources do say Joe cannot afford to do so on his own.

If he doesn't come up with a check by October 23, in fact, Joe will be evicted from his apartment.

Might this be a step on Lamar's path back to sobriety and clean living? Reaching out to a loved one, even one who called his wife an "evil bitch?" Perhaps.

But Khloe is still waiting by her phone.


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