Jenelle Evans Glad She Didn't Have to "Take it in the Butt" Like Farrah Abraham

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Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham are two young mothers, reality stars and walking cautionary tales who seem to resent being compared to one another.

Case in point? A recent tweet that Jenelle re-tweeted from a follower that looks like a direct shot at the Teen Mom turned Backdoor Teen Mom's career.

"At least @PBandJenelley_1 didn't have to take it in the butt to stay in the public eye," read a message on Twitter that was re-tweeted by the star. "F**k Them!"

It's true ... Jenelle Evans has not made a "leaked" porn like Farrah. But her reasons for staying in the public eye are not exactly what you would call enviable.

For example, she goes through guys like she does drugs, aggressively. She started using a long time ago and does not appear to have stopped.

Even after a couple of rehab visits, she went on to get arrested for heroin possession in April and thrown in jail for failing yet another drug test in August.

Meanwhile, her son Jace is being cared for by her mother Barbara Evans.

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Farrah Abraham on Instagram

Farrah Abraham, meanwhile, is continues to care for and have custody of her four-year-old daughter, though she basically thinks Sophia should get a life.

As in "do her own thing" and not get in the way of Farrah's "thing," at all. Yes, she's made it clear how high parenting sits on her life's priority list.

The sex tape star has just revealed plans for a sex toy line, and has a DUI arrest under her own belt, so it's not like was Mother of the Year material anyway.

At least she hasn't lost custody of her toddler, however, unlike Evans.

Still, should Jenelle (or Farrah) be casting judgment on the other? Which of the two do you think is the poorer parent? And can either pull it together?

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