Celebrities Go All #StarbucksDrakeHands Over the Internet: Watch Now!

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It started with a Starbucks barista who met a young woman inside his establishment.

He asked for her number. She handed it over. He later sent her a video of himself silently gesticulating and trying to act all seductive to the Drake track "Hold On, We’re Going Home."

And just like that - BAM! - #StarbucksDrakeHands became a viral trend, with many on the Internet doing their best impression of the barista.

Including celebrities! Such as Larry King! Check out the following video to see the best parodies of this odd sensation by people with who, you are very familiar:

An aspiring actress named Piper Kennedy has come out and identified herself as the woman to whom the original video was sent, causing many to wonder of this is some kind of hoax.

But that wouldn't change the hilarious impressions above. Seriously, people, Larry King!