Roosevelt Field Mall Shooting Results in One Fatality; Sang Ho Kim Identified as Suspect

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A mall in Nassau County was the sight of a tragic shooting this afternoon, as a man believed to be 63-year old Sang Ho Kim killed his former boss and injured an ex-colleague.

Police have described Kim as a "disgruntled contractor" who had been working for a the lighting company Savenergy. He allegedly walked into a store where four employees were present; entered a room; and shot the store's owner, along with another man.

He then fled the scene in a white Honda.

"At this point and time we believe that this suspect is armed and very dangerous," Nassau County Police Chief of Department Steven Skrynecki told reporters. "Right now we are involved in a very massive hunt for this individual."

Skrynecki added that this appeared to be an isolated, personal incident that stemmed from some kind of "bad business deal."

Nassau County Community College and Hofstra University were shutdown soon after the incident took place, but have since been re-opened.

The unnamed second victim is in critical condition at a local hospital, while several streets near the mall in Garden City have been closed.

"We're very confident he's not in this immediate area now. We have nothing to suggest this individual is on a random shooting rampage," police said of Kim, adding that he used a handgun in his attack, though no weapon was discovered at the scene and no records exist that show Kim had a license to carry a gun.