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Tameka Foster is using a near tragedy to re-escalate her feud with Usher.

Following an incident yesterday in which the ex-couple’s son was stuck under water for minutes – while being watched by his aunt – Foster has filed legal documents in Fulton County, Georgia.

She is requesting an emergency hearing in order to argue for custody of the pair’s children on the grounds that Usher continually leaves them in a dangerous environment.

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In this case, Usher Raymond V went to retrieve a toy from the pool drain when his arm got caught.


The child’s aunt and a maid both failed to rescue the five-year old, leaving that job up to a pair of other employees who dove in and administered CPR before little Usher was taken to the hospital.

He is now in the ICU and expected to recover.

Tameka has issues with Usher’s aunt, whom she has complained about in the past for being too physical with the boys and also for allegedly letting a stalker into the house.

The singer and his ex engaged in an ugly battle for months over their two sons. As it stands, Usher has full custody and Tameka limited custodial rights. She would like to see the situation flipped.