Powerball Winning Numbers: Where Will the $425M Ticket Be Found?

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Where in the United States will Wednesday's Powerball winning numbers, and the estimated $425 million jackpot they could result in, be drawn?

Only time will tell, but data shows certain areas produce more winners.

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Of the 43 states that participate in the Powerball, some appear luckier than others. Pennsylvania has had 16 winners in its history to lead the pack.

The next luckiest state is Indiana with 11, while New Jersey brings up the rear with just three jackpot wins. The biggest winner of all time lives in Florida.

Besides move to the Keystone State in the next few hours, what else can a Powerball player do to beat (or at least marginally improve) the odds?

Richard Lustig, seven-time lottery grand prize winner and author of "Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery," offers more tips.

"The lazy way out is to buy quick-picks. The computer picks out the numbers. Don't play quick-picks. Quick-picks are the worst thing you can do."

With those, "you are playing with the worst odds," said Lustig.

More tickets may also result in a greater win percentage.

The AP reports that more smaller prizes of $1-2 million and under have been issued since a major overhaul of the Powerball game in January 2012.

The big question, though? Despite difficult odds of one in 175 million, how you would like to receive the jackpot when - not if - you win it tonight?

You can take it in 30 annual payments, valued at $425 million, or you can ask for the lump sum of $244.7 million after taxes. Just something to mull over.

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