Man of Steel 2: Fan-Made Trailer Envisions Ben Affleck-Bryan Cranston Showdown

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Ever since the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman shocked the world last Thursday, fans have either been grumbling about it or meme-ing it to death.

Except YouTube user soylentbrak1, who has been hard at work envisioning what a Man of Steel sequel starring Ben Affleck as Batman would look like.

The result was this fan-made trailer, also starring Breaking Bad Emmy-winner Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and Henry Cavill again as Superman.

Check it out below and see if it changes your views on Ben as Bruce Wayne:

There isn't much plot in this Man of Steel 2 trailer, besides the mention of a mysterious corporate merger and some tension between Superman and Batman.

Given that it's not a real trailer, however, it's pretty top notch.

Affleck in a Wayne-esque suit and Cranston with a shaved head, Walter White style, saying Breaking Bad quotes Luthor might say? Quite creative.

Cranston playing Luthor has also been rumored, while Affleck's casting has already been confirmed. Amy Adams plays Lois in the above trailer.

Besides Breaking Bad, footage used came from Total Recall, Daredevil, Elysium, Iron Man 2 and The Dark Knight. Can you spot any other roles?

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