Valeria Lukyanova: Human Barbie Trailer, Photos Are Crazier Than Ever

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Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, is back and crazier than ever in a new set of photos - and a documentary trailer.

She was recently profiled by Vice, which describes her as "not a real girl at all, but a time-traveling spiritual guru whose purpose is to save the world."

From what? The "clutches of superficiality and negative energy," obviously.

"In the majority of my past lives I was a man," she muses. "I really liked that role. I've always occupied a dominating position in whichever society I have lived."


Human Barbie, who's also nicknamed Real-Life Barbie and/or Space Barbie, is profiled in an upcoming documentary, the trailer of which appears above.

For some HOT (if you're into that) Valeria Lukyanova photos, follow the jump ...

Yeah. Pretty much the definition of epic weirdness right there.

Ironically, a fake photo of a so-called normal Barbie has become all the rage, while an almost entirely fake person tries to emulate the "real" Barbie.

But the real question on our minds here at THG:

Human Barbie: Would you hit it?

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