Storage Wars' Dave Hester Ordered to Pay $122K in Legal Fees

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Does Dave Hester owe A&E a ton of money in legal fees after the network prevailed in an anti-SLAPP motion against the former Storage Wars star?


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Hester, who's suing Storage Wars' production company Original Productions and A&E in a complaint that claims the show is staged, must pay $122,692.

In a tentative ruling, Dave Hester was ordered to cough up $96,735 to A&E and $25,957 to Original (they asked for $138,194 and $43,283 initially).

The reduction came after Hester objected to figures regarding the staffing and hours that A&E and Original claimed to have expended on the motion.

Hester sued A&E and Original in December, claiming that he had been fired from the hit reality show for complaining that events have been rigged.

Specifically, Hester alleges, producers plant valuable items in storage lockers, which competitors then bid on, supposedly without knowing what's inside.

The show has been besieged with real-life drama over the past year as every cast member seems to really want to get paid - via a raise or a lawsuit.

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